Is it me or doing forty minutes standup meetings every morning is a complete waste of everyone's time? I don't need to explain what is Kubernetes and how to install it to my boss...

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    Sounds like management problem not a meeting problem. Daily stand-up can be very good for planning the day's work
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    @codetinkery but we're two developers... everything is tracked on JIRA in a sprint, everything is there to see what needs to be done...... so I don't see the need of a standup. If only it was just to say what we're doing and not how we do it ,it'd be fine.
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    40 minutes for two developers seems way too long, should be more like 4 ;-) As you say, "how" has no place in a standup.
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    Standup also isn't the place to explain how to install something... It should basically be a quick and dirty "got this done, working on this, having problems with this, still on track"
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    Augh I hate long standups.
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    got rid of scrum , now work with no framework but common sense and responsible adults and we seem to be getting far more done than what got done in the past 18 months
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    Standups suck. They always get stuck at someone bulshiting for 10 minutes
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    They are called standup meetings for a reason, and it is they do not take a long time. At work our standup meetings are max 15 minutes 😔
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