Isn't it disturbing that all major operating systems disrespect the computer's ability to do things? Everyone is becoming a walled garden, and people are increasingly developing and limited languages that consume more resources than they deliver value. Today VisualStudio on a corei7 is less performant than a Delphi 5 running on a Pentium 166mhz.

Much of its processing, energy and carbon emissions are used to display ads that "interest you".

Well, thank you *BSDs, Linux (except Ubuntu) and Illumos, for continuing to respect my computer's capabilities.

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    @MeowHeart yea about that website...

    Also reject all btn not working
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    @MeowHeart what does "we value your privacy" even mean. Do they mean they value our private information for their profit?
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    I would even say 75% of the problems which can be solved by a a big team of devs and a cubernetes cluster today could be solved with a dos application written in basic by one person and stored on a single tape in 1985.

    When American dudes will really have the dumbness to fly to the moon again we will have the best illustration for that...
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    Unfortunately most webservers delivering all those adds run some linux flavor.

    But I do agree that modern development gives programs that are often slower in absolute terms than old ones.

    But some of that slowness do provide some benefit.

    For example, modern OS have a lot of features to prevent hacking that was never needed back when you did not have an internet connection.

    Also, there is a lot of convenience in modern programs.

    But really, if you write something equally bare bones in most modern languages you get very similar or better performance.

    I have been coding since 1980, and modern programs are better in many regards.

    The “down side” is that they are easier so we also get more amateur coders doing real programs and those would not make better programs using old style coding ;)
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    @oiledwheels before or later I hope to put my hands on a postmarketOS supported phone
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    @MeowHeart Awesome
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