I mean, ONE of these days, the Prod pipeline has GOT to work... doesn't it?? Just basic odds say EVENTUALLY it will, doesn't it??

Of course, I'm sure I could have had it working long ago if not for the fact that we have to use common scripts developed by another team that we can't alter, and just guess where the problem is.

You know, standardization and DRY are good principles generally, but if you just apply them without thinking and without at least SOME flexibility, you only make matters worse.

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    Just reinterpret DRY.

    You used their script last time so today you do something else :P

    Jokes a side, blindly just doing things the same way is bad, and why “legacy code” has such a bad rep, its code that never evolved or adapted.

    And while reuse is often a good thing it never meant to always reuse exactly he same, you reuse WHEN it is suitable and when it saves time or avoids bugs by using already battle tested code, but you should NOT reuse for the sake of reuse.
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    Normalization and denormalization.

    Generalization and specialization.

    Coupling vs loosing.

    Our "tools" always consist of two opposites / different concepts.

    Leaving one side out is like always picking a hammer - no matter if it's screws or nails.

    Might work, but ends up in collateral damage and looks shit.

    :) I *REALLY* hate argumentation that is based on either cargo cult or e.g. a specific person (one example: But Martin Fowler said... Or: Everyone who read Clean Coding does that...).

    Always love to rip these arguments apart, cause most of the time it's condensed hot air with zero intellect.

    Sorry that you have to use shitty tools cause of bad management.
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