Eli5: senior dev here, 18 years experience in tech. I don’t get why spring boot/batch is so highly rated. I absolutely hate it. Please tell what I’m missing?

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    Is it tho? Or is it just because there are so many legacy systems made by it and stagnant excuses of a seniors not bothering to learn anything else?
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    I hate spring with a passion.

    Fuck that pile of shit.
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    Coming from years of Microsoft stack, then a few years of Go, then being dumped in a Spring team, Web Forms was the worst PoS I worked with... until I encountered Spring. Dot net MVC with razor was way nicer to work with.

    The java community seem to look down on MS, but honestly, C# overtook java 15 years ago, and has outpaced it ever since IMHO.

    For the record, I also fucking hate spring. It might be that too many bad developers work with it, the systems I have to work on are horrifically (over) engineered.
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    Haha finally something I agree with
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