Before rant (introduction): I'm the kind of dev that is a procrastinator by default, it takes me a huge amount of effort to avoid this bad habit.

So, I'm going on vacation next week and finished all my shores on Monday. As I'm about to go on vacation, my team leader is avoiding giving me work so that it doesn't stay half way when I leave.
The problem is, this is the third day that I arrive at the office knowing that I will be there for 8 hours wasting my time not doing shit and looking at the screen!!!
The worst part is that if I get this bad habit going, it will stay and I will start to procrastinate a lot if I don't work to do fast

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    Had this same situation when my employed decided not to extend the contract and the final day was close..
    Sitting there for hours, doing nothing because there was nothing to do(or nothing that was assigned to me)

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    Good time for learning about potential nee technologies, documenting stuff or writing tests (yeah, I know you still haven't written tests for the last feature you built, you lazy dev).
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    @sambadevi I've been mentally exhausted this week thanks to this situation

    @Huuugo they don't use automatic testing here, which is sad. And yes, learning swift this last days
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    @shozukan Take a beer or something you like to relax, and try to distract yourself, helped for me
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    @sambadevi I'm learning some swift and searching for stuff for my weeding. At least it keeps me busy
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