I have recently attended an IT conference for finance sector.
In invitation organizers stated that dress code is casual.
Me : Jeans, funny t-shirt, trainers
Everyone : Full suit, dress shoes or 'casual' version : suit and white sneakers.

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    I'm not a person who'd know this kind of thing but I've heard there's a less formal code than casual called streetwear.

    Hackermen are always stylish in a hoodie.
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    Hopefully you aren't worried though, rock that look
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    The guys in suits are from finance the ones in jeans/t-shirt are IT. Ask the suits what they are doing in their job, then tell them you automated something like that somewhere else.
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    just imagine them all secretly envying you the comfy outfit :))))
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    @electrineer just some good old abibas with a cap
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    Let me guess: one of the talks was about "digital transformation" and most of the attendees were managers

    I can't imagine that most devs, even in the most posh financial industries, would wear full suits. To avoid getting mixed up with sales.

    Cause what I hear is that even in posh investment banks, there's a clothing hirearchy: big bosses wear full suits and ties, sales people wear full suits but no tie, traders wear nice shirts but not full suits, and then it goes down from there.

    If a trader comes in with a tie they'll be asked to tone it down.
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    @jiraTicket never mess with the representation of hierarchy.

    *sigh* one of the reasons we're still primates, even if we have a nice 5000 € Gucci suit as compensation for our fucked up mind.
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    @jiraTicket can't help to read "full suits" as "fur suits"
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    @Wolle Haha, this is honestly the best answer here :D So evil, so subtle.
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    Speaking of clothing as a consultant dev they used to say we should be 15% better dressed than the average in-house devs.

    (or at least the most sloppily dressed dev shouldn't be a consultant)

    that basically meant if some in-house dev who's been there forever wears shorts and a stained t-shirt : you can wear jeans and a washed t-shirt.
    (but since Sweden is quite informal the max requirement, even for a fancy client, wouldn't go beyond wearing a collar shirt. Jeans was ok as long as they didn't have holes. We never considered wearing a suit or even fancy pants)
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    The most casual I can go is a colourful shirt with a corduroy jacket and jeans, which is a matter of style and comfort to me but also a safe choice for pretty much all events.
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