Dev: this task is done, can I put it in review and do something else?

Me: sure, of course.

Dev: cool, just be aware I'll make some changes to it later.

Me: ... wait, then it's not done.

Dev: no it is, I just need to re-read it and make some changes.

Me: yeah, so it will be done when those changes are made.

Dev: but I don't know what those changes are.

Me: ... I get that ... but ... ok I'm extremely confused. Why do you think it's done.

Dev: because I've written everything I need to and I'm happy with it.

Me: ok so why do you want to make changes.

Dev: I don't.

Me: ... ... ... ... you ... you are really not being clear. If you don't want to make changes, and you are happy with it, why are you planning on making changes later ... after marking the task as done.

Dev: well if I re-read it and see something I don't like, I would like to change it.

Me: ok, so re-read it as many times as you like and make as many changes as you like. But don't mark it as done until it is done.

Dev: but it is done.

Me: no it's not.

Dev: it is, look.

Me: ... yeah looks ok at a quick glance.

Dev: ok so I can mark it as done?

Me: are you going to make more changes?

Dev: yes.

Me: then no.

Dev: why?


Dev: ok maybe I'm not explaining it clearly.

Me: ... we can both agree on that. Ok so to summarise, we don't mark something as done until we have stopped touching it. We don't half finish something and say it's done and comeback to it later. We mark it as done when we are happy with i.....

Dev: but I am happ.....

Me: *raises hand* I repeat, if it's done, we lock it away and stop touching it. If someone reads it and complains, we can come back to it with a new ticket. But it's not done until we think we are ready to send it on.

Dev: I am ready to send it, I just may want to change it.

Me: ... ... ... ... ... due to a new policy implemented just now, we are only allowed to send 1 email to a person each week. So unfortunately we can only send on 1 copy. So when you have that 1 copy, let me know.

Dev: ok, let me re-read it a few more times then.

Me: there you go.

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    But I thought you have to get it done when you are supposed to get it done and not after getting it done when you have done it in the first place
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    @sam9669 have you confused yourself with this?
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    fuck. Lack of confidence is not pretty.
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    @sam9669 then I take it as a yes.
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    At my last company we used to have meetings on "the definition of done"
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    @Huuugo haha! That be deep.
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    @Huuugo had a similar thing with "implemented". Someone built an api that was hard coded to return HTTP 200 and an empty JSON object, called it implemented.

    Our testing said otherwise
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    I laughed too hard at this
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    Lol that is one of the best things I have read all day ++ for that 😀
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    I laughed so hard hahaha
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    /me initiates a rotating kick to the dev's throat.
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    Reminds of @dfox rules for this app, you have mins or ur rant/comment are locked and u shall never edit your words 😝
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    Devs should never set anything to Done, only QA should. If there's bugs you rewrite the code and let the QA team handle if it's Done or not.
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    You can try to optimize a problem for an infinite amount of time.

    Technically the engineer told you that if they could find an optimization they would apply it. Which they shouldn't have said as it just confused you.

    For example, you buy a house. The contractor says it's finished. You move in the house. But then the contractor comes over and says this house will be better if we knock this wall here and we open up the kitchen to the living room.
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    "due to a new policy implemented just now" 😂😂😂
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    Lol that's hilarious
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    @nickhh that house renovation example is somehow does not make any sense at all
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    You have remarkable patience. I would have bitch slapped the "done" out of him
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    Awesome. Even tho, he got a point there.. The code is never done
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    Maybe next time tell him, I suppose junior guy, to take break go outside have a cheesecake talk to someone and so then re read it, or ask someone to read it with you . Yeah being normal helps. I would stop him at the beginning that he is lazy Orr just tired
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    Scrum Master's worst nightmare...
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    He should google for "definition of done"
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    @boom but it is done, he just may chant it later, but it is done
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    Holy mother of god this something something of a developer. there is literally one rule - after marking it as finished, no touchy touchy - and still this person seems to refuse to understand ...
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    @nickhh @greenrobo that contractor isn't welcome in my house - the house is mine now that it's complete, and he doesn't have any say in what happens to it from here on in

    Get the hell out of my house, contractor!
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    Cause you are speaking using a term perceived differently by the both of you. You think of "done" as static and final while the Dev thinks of it as a modifiable field. Your conversation was a compile time error until you added an additional parameter "1 time per week". This bypasses the problem but is not a fix. You have a communications bug and it remains unresolved!
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    wow you are a douche
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    At my place it's done when the boss man said he wanted it done.
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