I completwly hate windows. Tomorrow I've got an exam, I wanted to play for an hour before I go to sleep to relax. Boot into windows half an hour early because I knew it would fuck up somehow (I'm usually on linux, windows is there only for games). Graphics card driver isn't working anymore (AMD), uninstall with their tool, restart. And now windows goes like "FUCK YOU!!! YOU ARE NOT PLAYING SHIT TODAY YOU SAD FUCK!" in the form of "Getting windows ready for you, please don't turn off your computer" for the past 2 hours. I just wanted to play a game and now I'm so fuckin triggered by this non-sense of an OS, how can someone make something so fuckin shit

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    Edit: Just as I pressed post it went past that screen and restarted... Unbelieveable windows, 2 hours to get shit ready for me. What, you had someone redesigm each window all over again by hand only for me? Or maybe you found the next largest prime number for me to brag at college. GARBAGE!

    Wanted to edit my post, but I was slow and 5 minutes passed.
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    I know the feel bud
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    Time for an SSD upgrade?
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    @JediN1nja only to make windows faster? Not worth it
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    It is something you did. I don't protect windows on much but it don't fuck up that easy if you update yourself and made the settings correctly. I'm even not sure how your driver fucked up but it is really strange change the settings maybe or the version of the os to a higher one.
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