Nobody is here, right? So, I can complain without sounding mean...

Vue Mastery and Vue School are both absolute nightmare education offerings.

That's all. Mindbogglingly invaluable.

Maybe it's the churn... but also - you could rerecord those videos in a week or two and have them updated... easy...

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    I disagree. They are refined and dense in information. Length !== Value

    IMO (at least VueMastery since I’ve actually use that) is the best way to learn Vue that there is
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    It's nice to know that some people can get some value out of them.

    I'm still worried for you though.
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    @JakobMenski just circling back around here, are you saying that you only tried one of them - but that they are both good - and the one that you tried (the only one) is the ‘best’ one?
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    @sheriffderek Using Vue Mastery is the fastest way to learn Vue in my opinion
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