Just watched the first season of Silicon Valley and I have to admit: it's the best series out there. Is the second season as great as the first one?

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    yes! when you're finished with silicon valley and feeling empty, i can recommend you "Halt and Catch Fire" for further dev related binge watching 😊

    imdb: 8.4
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    I am in the 4th season and it is still good, don't worry ;)
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    I get hooked on this series 😃
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    Season 2 is even better, season 3 is a bit less imo but still great though. And season 4 is already better than season 3 imo.
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    They're a great. The episodes are were very formulaic, but even so I binge watched the first 2 seasons in one go. I liked all the seasons.
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    Apparently Erlich is going after season 4 😢😥
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