I accidentally open eclipse (Java code) during a demo.

The same smart ass Einstein's cousin business guy : Oh that is SQL, I have learnt it.. it was too simple for me that is why I decided not to be a developer

Me : You are lucky it's Friday

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    Lol this has happened to me during client meetings. I laugh. Out loud. Every. Time.

    Clients get upset, or look surprised, but they only do this once with me.
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    "oh, what does this statement say and do then *point*"

    "uhm.. {insert white noise} - "

    " oh that's right, this is where I came from *continue the demo*"
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    Why they feel the necessity to act like they understand? It's just an accident. They can at least make a joke about it, instead of being a smartass
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    Just respond with

    "...and you find business hard?!? What world do you live in"
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