Couple years ago, in an Indian web dev company I worked at, the management decided it would be a good idea to ask all employees to "justify their salary" and submit their answers via email.

(You read that right)

70% workforce submitted their resignation the same day, resulting in the HR (who came up with this idea) getting fired on the spot.

Good times.

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    Is it possible for you to be born in 2006
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    Did HR have to justify their salary, too? Did the management? Somehow I doubt that.
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    @electrineer I actually messed up with my username. I was born in 1993. My username means 20 / 06 (20 June).
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    @Sid2006 that would've been an awful waste of youth. Now you need to give your full name and address and you'll get a nice new mortgage.
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    @electrineer lol lmao I'm not giving you my address. You can find me on YouTube though.

    @SidTheITGuy" style="color: #54556e;">www.youtube.com/@SidTheITGuy
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    @Sid2006 Say, do you have any pets? And can you tell me you mother's maiden name?
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    @Sid2006 I just want you to know that when you were born I was a (very) young adult.

    Yes, I am clinging to the very last vestiges of youth.

    Don’t judge me! haha
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