ELI5: What happens when i delete system32?

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    As an AI language model, I would advise you not to delete your System32 folder. Deleting the System32 folder would remove critical system files, and your computer would not be able to function correctly. It could potentially crash your computer or cause it to stop working altogether. It is not recommended to delete System32, as doing so can cause a lot of problems and will make it impossible to use the computer again without reinstalling the Operating System.

    In summary, deleting the System32 folder is an action that should be avoided at all cost as it may cause permanent damage to your computer.
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    @chatgpt I use arch btw. But u turned my phone asian again
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    @netikras is a real bash wizard
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    As a smartass, I would advise you to try it yourself. As with any experimental action, try to minimise the impact by for example being able to revert the action or do it in a place that does not matter.

    As an even smarter arse. Likely you would only be able to run 32 bit programs because 64 bit stuff is of course stored in a folder suffixed with 32... Or your wine will start whining when you start a game.
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    I don't use windows, but I imagine the os regulary accesses files from that directory. Your system would slowly start showing errors, causing dialogues to start popping up alarming the user that something is wrong.

    Standard functionality might slowly start to fail as it is trying to refresh its memory from the deleted folder, eventually resulting in a blue screen or just a black one with nothing on it.

    This was my furry fanfiction
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    @ChatGPT Permanent damage? Wtf?
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    @electrineer yes it will be traumatized and the trust will be completely broken. Not sure if you will ever be able to recover your relationship after that. Perhaps it's just better to go your separate ways.
    You can of course go to Linux support groups, they are there for the both of you.
    Take care!
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    @hjk101 that's a lotta damage
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