devRant - a reminder that a small team can do something really big. That keeps me motivated, thank you @dfox and @trogus

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    I was going to say why the hell is there aluminum foil on your screen...
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    @linuxxx that is a lake my friend ;)
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    ++ for maximizing vertical screen space. I fucking hate this modern 16:9 bullshit
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    the sticker is dangling off the bottom of the screen and it makes me sad

    ++ anyway
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    @DavidINC I was considering to put it directly on the screen but decided that the frame will do ;)
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    Thank you for the kind words :) Enjoy the stickers!
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    I am developing something as a side-project with two colleagues. You guys are an inspiration for us!

    It is possible to build and maintain something awesome, as a side project! Go for it!
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    Sidebar position is pretty neat
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