University switched to Office 365. Just realized they implemented "Focused" inbox mode that auto filters messages microsoft deems less important. It filtered 3 important emails from last week. Just give us back the ability to make our own rules and filters again!!

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    There is a regular inbox folder and there should also be an option to use that folder as the standard view.

    Gl :) !
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    Yeah as @Wholteza said, there is a way to make all the emails from your "unfocused" inbox stay in your "inbox" inbox.

    It sucks, because as power users we get things like creating our own filters; for others, however, this "feature" might make perfect sense, aside from the fact that it essentially decides what is important for you. :/

    I honestly find that it doesn't work too bad for filtering out the stuff that is not of immediate relevance - then again, I don't use 365 for my school client unless I absolutely have to, because most of the emails I get are spam anyway - some turd head's server got hacked and they lost anyone in my year (who had signed up for exam prep)'s email.
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