Hey so found another tiny bug, well more like a typo, if you're​ a subscriber and you go to edit a post more than it's time limit in this after 57 mins you get the old can't edit after 5 minutes alert dialog message, super easy to fix (I guess lol) and not too important

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    So since I can't wait two hours to post this (not because of impatience but because it's midnight and I have work tomorrow lol) but while typing up a comment this popped up and I'm not 100% sure on how to reproduce it or the underlying cause of it :(
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    @amahlaka oh yeah i do have a paywave enabled but the cards I have on my wallet case aren't enabled (only have my license, debit plus card but that's disabled, and my card I use for commuting, though that card has some sort of different contactless system or so I heard :/)
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    Hmm I do find the 2nd bug odd since I've been using this phone case for months now and it only happens now :/ haven't changed anything with my cards either
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    @amahlaka nah for my debit plus card it would have to be through the banking app and I haven't even checked my balance today lol
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    @amahlaka oh no I meant I turned off the NFC tag on my card months ago when I learnt that my phone had paywave support
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    @amahlaka my debit plus card has paywave functionality and through the app I can toggle it on and off :/ I assume it's toggle electronically from that point of view

    What I find odd is, that I did this months ago so it shouldn't be giving me that screen, though either way I haven't either seen that screen before and I've using this wallet case for a couple months now and my phone is constantly within close contact with that card, even now
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    @amahlaka I guess in that case yeah the bank probably just ignores any sort of connection with the tag when the card comes into contact with contactless payment if it's turned off via app but doesn't explain how i got that window one time :/
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    @f03n1x Disabling PayWave in the bank app will just make bank's server reject CVVs emitted from the contactless interface. (The different interfaces uses different CVVs, thus the bank can see if its a Cardnotpresent, Magstripe, Chip or Contactless transaction).
    Chip and Contactless use dynamic CVVs.

    The contactless chip on your card will always be active, you will just get "Transaction rejected" if you try to use PayWave with it disabled.
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    @sebastian I guess my assumption was close, thanks for the info!
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    Thanks, the language here will be fixed in the next update.
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    @dfox awesome!
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