1. Applied to a company as a senior dev and sent them my prefered rate
2. Got rejected
3. Contacted recruiter and asked why. The rate seems to be not within their budget
4. Knocked down my rate by 15 percent, did their intro and technical interviews
5. Received an email with feedback that on some topics during technical interview I displayed senior knowledge and on others a very strong mid knowledge. Basically they are trying to gaslight me and presented me a final offer with a knocked down rate by another 30 percent this time. Bitch thinks if I reduced my rate I will do it that for second time.

And they are supposed to be US based company. Offering me a rate that I could get 10km away from my home lol.

Gonna ghost them for a couple days and respons them on Monday that I would like to proceed with the original rate that was quoted by them.

Fucking idiots expect a senior to know everything. If there was a person like that he would be charging at least double of what they are offering.

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    Passion and motivation is worth more than knowledge. But of course nobody seems to care about that.
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    @Lensflare For me, the ability to adapt to new changes and being open to learn and adapt new things is more important than memorizing theory and regurgitating everything word by word during a 30min technical interview. I worked with devs who passed technical interviews with flying colors. A good chunk of them couldnt pull their weight without someone holding their hand once they were hired for the job. They sucked even at basics.
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    Don't low ball me! I know what I got!
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