Boss: Are you almost done with that project?
Me: *closing Google search of "dogs in top hats"* I need more time

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    teamlead asks me, hey you asked for the config stuff? *closing reddit/r/gifs tab*, we go to his Workstation and the first thing he does is closing his 9gag tab =D
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    Did I post this? Lol
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    Lol #relatable xD
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    I immediately Googled this and was not disappointed.
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    Meet me in my office tomorrow.
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    What stupid search...
    **Closes tab with search for birds with human arms**
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    I'm a team lead, one time I checked on one of my guys asking for project status and I saw him trying to close a twitch stream tab, by mistake he missed the "x" and clicked on the tab.

    It was overwatch championship, I actually asked him for the link...
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    Actually one time I saw my boss playing league of legend in the office . Unfortunately I didn't had the courage to ask him for a duo .
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