Im in a tough place now. Received 1 offer from a company and on Monday afternoon I did the last tech interview with the second company.

Now by Monday I have to respond to the first offer while I dont know about the decision from the second company.

Tried to speed them up a bit with an email on Thursday afternoon by emailing the guy who interviewed me and also CCed both of the recruiters who were involved in the process. Basically told them that I have another offer but Im still interested in them and I would like to hear their decision. No answer yet.

Its sad bcs the guy from company no2 who interviewed me seemed really cool to work with and I think I did good enough to get an offer. But apparently Im not that good enough that 5 working days would be enough to respond to me with a decision given my current situation.

It sucks because now Im gonna spend the weekend wondering what should I do next.

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    What makes you think you need to respond by monday?
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    If you can afford the risk, just wait a bit to maybe get the better offer or lose both.

    If you want (or have) to play it safe, just accept the first good offer.

    Obviously, you could also just accept the first good offer and then jump on a better offer as it comes in. Just be careful about legal and moral issues that may or may not exist in you and your society.
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    Remember this. Employers would not hesitate to drop you if something better comes along. Fuck them, take your time, do what is best for you not them. If it turns to shit something better will come up. Fate has a strange way of solving things so relax.
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    I was in the exact same situation. One company was recruiting a php devloper, the other was a startup that had me make a little react prototype showing data from a public csv regarding covid statistics.

    Honestly my react skills are shit, but I applied myself in this task because I felt like it at the time. It was very pretty.

    The company that didn't demand anything from me put pressure on me to accept their offer because they were in dire needs to fill the gap. The other ghosted me.

    I went with the php company and it wasn't all that pleasant. The people weren't bad. The legacy systems in fucking CakePHP2 were. The second company answered a week or so later. As a startup they were kinda swamped with work and couldn't get to me earlier. They were very impressed but alas, the time had passed. I think... I might have liked it better there.

    No moral to the story. It's your life choice. Make one you won't regret but there are risks of course.
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    Try a third and fourth companies, seek the one that is perfectly aligned with your objectives.

    Loop {
    Grow, understand, shine, profit.
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    @nitnip oh... my.... god.... this sounds exactly where I am at now... is it a French company by any chance? 😅
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    @dev-nope Technically yes. The guys that put pressure on me to accept? It's a multi-national company that originates in France.

    They (the french multi-national) hired me but I still ended up "working for" another company as a contractor.

    So.... be sure to ask them about the company you're actually gonna be working for.
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