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    PHP is a badass language and all others have problem. That's what I want to understand from that comic.
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    The Python one doesn't even make sense. Why is the v3 half saying 2.5?
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    golang, the boring business man
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    Ruby is not a person. It's a locomotive
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    Missed rust too
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    @jallman112 that's the result of the same instruction


    in the two version. Python 2.x casts to integer
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    @-eth Right, right, right. Makes sense now. Thanks!

    I was only thinking of the version numbers.
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    @-eth no casts. It simply does floor division
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    @elazar you are right. I should have at least put that in quotes.
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    Why do I feel aroused looking at the frame for C?
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    @lostpirate With rust I always think of an fancy rich old British Lady with spectacles and a ruler, demanding that you recite schoolwork facts in high tempo, slapping you hard when you get one wrong.
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    And ruby would be an easy going girl who's a blast to hang out with, but her hair smells kind of weird and you secretly wonder if you can really trust her when she's holding a knife.
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    @bittersweet didnt know what to expect when started reading it and cant stop laughing
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    Why c# is represented like that?
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