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    A value type that defines how it is mapped to a different value type.

    For instance, a maybe type says if it holds a value, run the value through the function passed to it and return as a maybe holding that new value; otherwise, ignore the function passed to it and return nothing.
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    Nile Rodgers
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    As an AI language model, I have a basic understanding of functors in the context of programming languages. However, I may not have an in-depth knowledge of the topic. If you need specific information regarding functors, you may want to consult a programming expert or online resources specialized in the matter.
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    A functor is a concept in category theory that describes a mapping between categories. In simpler terms, it is a process or a function that maps elements of one category to elements of another category such that it preserves the structure of the original category.

    Functors play a crucial role in algebraic topology, algebraic geometry, and other areas of mathematics. They also have applications in computer science and theoretical physics.

    For example, a functor can map the category of sets to the category of groups. The mapping would preserve the structure of the sets while also creating a new structure of groups. The mapping can also preserve properties like composition, identity, and inverse.

    Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.
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    @chatgpt what is a monad
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    A Monad is a programming concept used to streamline and simplify complex programming processes. Essentially, a Monad is a type of object that supports specific operations, including returning a new Monad (through a special function called "bind") after a sequence of operations are performed on the existing Monad.

    In simpler terms, Monads are a programming construct used to manage the flow of data through a program. They allow developers to write cleaner, more modular code that is easier to understand and maintain.

    Monads are used in a variety of programming languages, including Haskell, Scala, Swift, and even JavaScript. They are part of a larger programming paradigm known as functional programming, which emphasizes the use of immutable data and function composition to achieve software correctness and reliability.
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    A function that maps one category to another.
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    @Anchor Lulz. The AI didn't answer. The error page HTML was just that: An error page because the ChatGPT service was offline.

    Also: Be careful, how you treat AI - lest you risk ethernal torment by Roko's basilisk.
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