My startup boss took away our teams chat because we needed to "let everyone see our conversations for context". i said that's more like paranoia. then he told us we had to use company portraits and logos on LinkedIn and Social Media. and to post company ads and links on social media at least once a day. im not a social media manager, im a programmer MF'r. is this normal?????

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    Oh Lord I would let it rain law suits and insults.
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    Nope - that isn't normal and certainly not neurotypical.
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    If I would comply, I create profiles using the company E-mail, and making sure the passwords are not stored in company stuff, so when I leave the company I can "off-board" properly and delete them again.
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    I had a boss once who wanted to have influence on a co-workers linkedIn profile. That's when you realize they are to old to lead and don't understand shit. When your is young i can to explain this idiocracy...
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    The best way to deal with this is with casual property damage, a touch of violence with a peppering of verbal abuse. You will feel much better afterwards. Thank me later.
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    Does glassdoor count as social? Time to throw shit.

    I mean it's fine to do social media if you are into it. It's fine to use it professionally if you need to reach out to certain contacts or potential contractors. Being forced to post shit on your personal accounts while not having anything to do with your role is not okay.

    Better spend that time on linked-in to find another job.
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    Don't do it. It's literally your name they're using
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    Thanks Guys and Gals.

    I put my POS Dell on my desk and quietly left. as i was leaving our RevOps Manager im told, was getting his ass ripped because he told the boss it was a "toxic work environment".

    but youll all be proud of me. as i was the ONLY one who knew the logins to the Prod and QA Mighty Dolphin DBs and i uninstalled MySQL before i left.....actually our Data Manager didn't even know SQL in any way. so......goood luck old company!

    Bonus Points: I get to put im one of the 5% that used WSL at work on this years stack overflow. tehe
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    This is pure stupidity. I would advice you to raise your voice.
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    cue malicious compliance.

    Make a SoMe profile using your company email. Do not link it to anything related to your private SoMe profile.

    Use ChatGPT to generate one LinkedIn post every day, I bet you can find an API for that.
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    I hope you have an exit strategy in mind.
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