> Get sent to local client that manages most services on prem themselves
> We just deliver the software and setup instructions, client is self-proclaimed "technical enough" to handle the rest
> Never had issues with them, client for about 1,5year, we assume they are indeed technical enough
> Local client needs me for some help with their "backup solution"
> Cron job that dd's entire disk every week to external ssd.
> External ssd finally caved in after what was most likely years of torture
> Has nothing even remotely to do with our software (which has built-in backups, which they apparently don't use)
> I get scolded and screamed at when I say not our problem


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    Don’t they realise that if it does become your problem it is also becomes your liability, and why are they not backing stuff up to cloud services. It makes no sense to backup locally.
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    @helloworld well backing up to secondary disks that get stored does makes sense some of the time. But their setup was asking for problems.
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