A client came to the startup I was working at, to discuss a potential schools/universities based project. Their requirements were as follows

1. Full control of every class's daily routine (based on teacher's availabilities).
2. Multiple-choice exam feature (Timed).
3. Individual dashboards for teachers, head of departments, the Headmaster for every school onboarded on the platform.
4. Scores analysis of every student in every class (Report card).
5. Attendance feature for every student.

And so on.

Guess their budget for the above.

200 USD. FUCKING 200 US Dollars !!!!

My stomach hurt that day from laughing.

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    They'll do it as a school project for free
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    I would have guessed 20k as the very bare minimum.
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    @Lensflare that would be a pretty effective team by my calculations, considering an hour of work is valued at 175-250€ here when sold as a service…
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    There are programs for this form international companies in which its starting cost usually goes 40k and above. 200 usd lmao
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    Assuming everyone has a Google account, this can be done decently well with sheets, forms, and some custom glue for attendance.

    If the contract is specified in use cases and I get free reign on everything else I'd take it on for like $2000. For that much I'd produce workflows for the teachers and management to complete each pre-set task using existing free tech and write what little glue is needed. No guarantees of scale though, Google doesn't do those.
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    When covid hit our high school moved to a combination of free Google services and Zoom. I'm told everything worked perfectly fine for 8 months until their requisition for actual management software went through.
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    Tell him to go to upwork and hire some indian dev for that 200usd. He'l come back after a month or two with a bigger number :)))
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