So school is now out and I have nothing to do, I don't have any friends and I have nowhere to be or to go, so I'm technically stuck in my bedroom just to play with my tech... I really don't want to be in my room all summer but I can't find the motivation to even go outside, maybe I can go to the library and see if there are any programming books I can study with, but that's really it.

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    Teach yourself C++ by designing and coding and old school scrolling game. Learn how to do the graphics, and move objects around the screen, sprite collision, etc. It's a great learning experience.
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    @iAmNaN I might try that, but so far I've been self discovering how to use the Linux Shell, that and learning JavaScript, and it's been going somewhat well.
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    @Nifty maybe there is a tech club or user group nearby where you can meet (network) and maybe find a mentor. If that's not an option, maybe a Google group that focuses on what you are interested in.
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    @iAmNaN Yeah, someone showed me that before, I'll see if I can find one that's nearby, and if not I'll just do with what I got.
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    Learn python and machine learning!
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    man health is important too

    go hit gym or learn a new game 😀
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