I've been programming for a career and as a hobby for more than two years now. I want to start contributing to some projects on Git hub, but I'm not sure where to start. What advice do you have for me for first starting out on Git hub?

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    @kp15 it's not useless since you added this comment to follow this rant 😃
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    1. pick a project that interests you
    2. read the contribution guide if they have one.
    3. contribute
    4. ???
    5. profit
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    @kp15 Well, at least you're honest 😁
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    @kp15 not yet, only subscribing to ranters is possible @dfox
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    Also adding just to follow.
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    If you know Android you can help in NewPipe :) I love this app but feel like there are some missing features, I'm learning Android myself for the sole purpose of doing that later
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