Everybody is criticizing Microsoft for leaving too much legacy code in Windows, etc., but let me tell you that I prefer 100% that and have lifetime backward compatibility than having to deal with Google bullshit.

Google sucks ass.
It's one of the most dev unfriendly company on this planet (along with Facebook).

You can't fucking change BASIC stuff in Android SDK every fucking version.
You just can't!

You can't use a system of "PERMISSIONS" each developer has to set in its application and each user has to accept during the installation, that a few versions later become USELESS... because "Hmmm… no, It's not enough, let's make a new privileged permission that makes the old one fucking worthless".


It's my app, my code, my device, my fucking conditions. If I want to install viruses on my device, I should be able to do it.
I shouldn't have to call fucking Sundar fucking Pichai fucking CEO of fucking GOOGLE.


We are the reason you have a fucking job, fucking food on your fucking table.

I want a fucking GOD_MODE permission in the next SDK, assholes!

You can't REMOVE fucking "Android.OS.getSerial()" making it only for system apps.
It's not sensible data… and if It's in your opinion, you've already created a "android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE", so what else do you want, fucking asshole?
Right, you want to introduce "android.permission.READ_PRIVILIGED_PHONE_STATE" to make obsolete the other one, son of a bitch!

I don't fucking use you're garbage Google Play Store, no worries! I won't upload my app on your servers, bitch!

They've created a monopoly in the industrial space (PDAs) and they keep making fucking wrong decisions every single year.

My job is already stressful, why you can't just stop making it worse? fml

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    My old winforms and wpf app can compile just fine on visual studio 2022 and run on windows 11.

    Try doing that on android. Spoiler: you can't. Even the android app I wrote while I attended a bootcamp three years ago no longer works. Our brain power are wasted on learning new convention, new method names, new libraries, instead of business logic. Oh, should I mention that none of these libraries are backward compatible? Fuck google. And fuck android. Developing app for android is living hell.

    Also none of the shiny new library or methods show any clear benefit, or why they should be made, or why they can't help but break backward compatibility.
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    Leaving legacy crap in the system and having backwards compatibility is not necessarily the same thing.
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    @Lensflare how dare you criticize the 5 different styles of dialogs in Windows 10! ;-)
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    @Demolishun but at least, the software made in 1999 that launches dialog v0.1 doesn't crashes because it's still there. :P
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    One thing, that you also need to account is, that they want to protect the user. We can thank shitty devs that abuse everything possible.

    As a user, would you like that random apps constantly drain battery in background? Would you like it, if your app randomly opens on it's own from background and show to show you ads?
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    I remember when an alumnus of my uni who worked at Google (I think he worked on Search) gave a talk in the uni, I asked him some question about Android which I don't even remember, but I distinctly recall him telling me that the whole Android sector of Google was "a mess" lmao
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    @WildOrangutan what's the use of having centralized app store then? If an app is shitty and misbehaves, user can simply report them and have them removed. Also they can always blacklist developers which was proven had created malicious app. We have to sign up with credit card when we post our app to their play store, so we can't really hide our identity.

    As for installing an app from outside the app store, I believe that capability is turned off by default. If a user consciously allows that, the malware instrusion is her sole responsibility.
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    @daniel-wu I think you got confused a bit. I didn't say play store is bad for the user, for the most part. So I agree with what you said.
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