Phone calls, whatsapp, emails, slack messages, recurring meetings. The list is limited but distractions abound

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    Disabling nofication popups can help.
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    DND exists... Do not disturb.

    Use it.

    No not vibration mode. DnD.
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    I wish it was that binary-like simple to turn off. What I need is a button to snooze bullshit-only notifications
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    @asgs out of curiosity... Do they exist?

    Imho, no.

    I check my mails and pings when I feel up to it, at least two times a day.

    If someone feels it's so urgent that it cannot wait... They either have to move their arses in my office or pray that I answer the phone.

    I'm at work to work. Not to please the mental retardness of people believing every problem is high priority.

    :-) makes the day so much more relaxing.
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    My email client is set up to sync only once per hour.

    My slack notifications are turned off. I only see that I have unread slack messages, when I happen to see slack badge on the icon.
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