I can maintain your shitty legacy node 6 code
And the shitty m3 ec2 instance with Ubuntu 16 that it runs on
And another one with postgres 9
But if I have to make a powerpoint presentation, I am jumping ship.
A man has his limits

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    Just make one slide. The same slide. Ten times. Put a number at the bottom: Slide 1 - Slide 10. Same slide and only the number changes.
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    Present all the reasons why it sucks
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    @Demolishun I'm gonna use that! Especially fun for meetings that have an operator: "next slide please"
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    @hjk101 how diabolical
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    Just copypaste some documentation into slides and if they have questions refer them to documentation.
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    I had GPT chat generate content of the presentation. They reviewed it and complained about English grammar (guy who did that speaks broken Indian-glish) and "using negative language"
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    Allllll of our dev requirements were handed down from high above in PowerPoints. Always PowerPoints.
    I hate them.
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    @badcopnodonuts I like how you say “high above” 🤣🤣
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    I was not joking. Today I sent my resignation.
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    I just tell GPT to make PowerPoints for me with python
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    node 9? it was time to jump ship a few years ago my friend
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