[long confession/question]
So I was asked by a client to make an app similar to prisma(not exactly that but let's say a caricature app) and I knew I have to research a lot.

Now I have been loyal to PHP for over 5 years so I first tried with GD and imagick but the results were not very good, so I thought let's try opencv. I didn’t wanna make any compromises so I didn't go the bridging way, I worked on native python even though I am a newbie in it. I was fairly impressed with the cartoonizing results but others weren't. Soon I got to know that this would take much more than simple filter combinations or matrix manipulations.
I read about prisma and got to know it uses deep neural networks for the same.
Now, in the five years I have learnt almost all the things a run-of-the-mill "Full stack Web Developer" should know.
I have a fair knowledge of PHP, many of its frameworks, many js frameworks(obviously jquery), I have a very good understanding of CSS and its models, I have worked on some cool algos and found solutions to many problems but I haven't gotten to stage where I can implement neural networks/machine learning in my projects.
It just scares me.
A little back story: I have been the CTO of a small scale company for about 1.5 years now.
So all this got me to asking myself should I just step down from the post to a position where I can learn more skills. Managing takes a lot more time where I can't learn a lot. Sure I learnt some other important things but not as much tech knowledge as I would have in a more basic position.

I know not many of you must have read this far, but if you did what do you think I should do? Really depressed at the moment.

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    Mmm its hard because if you stop you dont get paid right but you get more knowledge at at this point in our generation thier are many people asking for that kinda stuff so its good to learn but I dont know about stopping
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    @programmingTrtl question how many hours do you work because if you can figure out time management because when you get home or you exhausted because if you have a bit of energy you can cram in some new languages but going off job you can learn a lot more but not get paid right?
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    @programmingTrtl I have doing that actually, learning new stuff on coursera etc.
    But its not just the same rate as I would have if I had been at a lower post of only managing my responsibilities.
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    @SuperNOVA mmmmmmm oh yea forgot were in the real world :(
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    @Many So do you think it was the right decision to make? Becoming a 'simple tech'.
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