When they don't comment on their code 🖕

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    Maybe they're just sadist noobies who are under the impression that they don't need to write maintainable code.
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    In my company commenting is frowned upon and in my opinion that is the correct approach.
    If your code is only readable with a comment it is a bad code and probably doesn't support the principles of S.O.L.I.D.
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    Ya, if you code is shit enough to need comments, then you need to rethink your code, not add instructions.

    Clear concise code following SOLID, with good quality unit tests and no bytes wasted on what is now useless comets as your code is no longer shit and you do not suck as a developer.

    Remember, its 2017, we have compilers and bundlers and shit, we don't need to write functions named a,b or c we can actually call it removeLastLetterFromTheString and not care. That function does not need a comment to tell you what it does, it's name does and it's test will prove it works too.
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