Another one of my job recruiter ranting posts

I couldn't add all of it in but they want a senior developer with 4 years of experience (which is I don't believe is senior worthy) but pay peanuts ($25 -$35, is not a lot in New Zealand)

I don't understand how companies can expect someone to be able to be in charge of all their development and expect to pay absolutely nothing, no wonder there are more companies that want to be contracted for work, then being tied down

Oh yeah and the recruiter couldn't even be bothered typing senior mobile developer, they just typed software developer.. fucking lazy

What a fucking joke...

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    so what they do is dropshiping?
    no wonder that they don't want to pay, that's no business for more than one to two person.

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    @heyheni yeah I guess so, though for recruiters I wished they'd do a bit of research on what a senior is, I think 4 years is just starting intermediate (or at least from what I've seen) I think it'd make a bit more sense for a lower rank than senior, having a not so great hourly rate.
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