School principal : P / Me : M / Interviewer over Skype : S

P. I recently heard you run a software club in our school.
M. Yes. (started from March)
P. Well, one software community seems that he found you somewhere, and asked me if we can do a quick interview.
M. Sure. What is it?
P. So he will connect to skype.
M. Let's start then...

*A few moments later...*
M. Wwwwhhhhaaaaattttttt?
P. Calm down! What's the problem?
M. How can I have more than 5 years of android development?
S. Ok. Recorded. Next question.
M. (uhhh)
*A few moments later...*
M. What? Why in the heck do I use subversion?........
Yes... Ah... Ummm....
No! Why should i make a gui client for subversion?
*A few moments later...*
S. Do you have hacking experience?
M. Of what? I know hacking is illegal here..
S. Like... Anything!
M. Do YOU have an experience?
S. Yup.
M. What?
S. Google.
M. How?
S. (silence) Ok. Let's move on.
M. (wtf is this guy)
*A few moments later...*
S. Okay. We were about to hire you but you didnt met our job requirements.
M. ......What? What was the job?
S. Web developer Intern
M. I got no questions regarding "web".
S. I know devs should be great at all things.
M. Shut the hell up. What company are you?
S. (says something)
M. (Searches in google) Doesnt come in search results.
S. Where did you searched it? (trembling voice)
M. (Searches in naver, search engine of korea) Nothing. Are you sure you are a company?
S. (ends call)

Hate these fake interviews. And i have no idea how they found my school
I never wrote my school anywhere.

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    @theNSA this sounds like something you'd do. Was this you?
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    @wxyzzyrd Or his northern neighbors (Korea).
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    I dont get how the school principal puts you on the spot with an interviewer without getting theyre credentials...
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    Lucky you. I tried doing something similar in my school, and my principal forbid it. I know he can't tell me what me or my class mates do in our free time, but only his attempt to forbid it was ridiculous.
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    @wildcard start your own irc server(nodejs) and connect to it through an app on your members phones([ios: “swift”, “obj-c”], [droid: “java”, “js]).
    Use api’s to connect to it, push notifications etc.

    And if you are really into it, skip the server go all in with firebase, there videos on youtube showing you exactly this.

    And I just realize there may be a company around this idea. Provide web apis for highschool kids to create school community clubs and learn to code mobile apps and servers.

    Dont let the powers that be control your curiosity and your own education. Your at school for a degree, not to get educated.
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    @repollo Holy shit, I wanna do this! Awesome idea! A platform for students to learn languages / it in general collaboratively, chat about it, build learning circles, get professional help by voluntary developers who are paid by donations (or even make a startup and pay them professionally?)! Who's in?
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    @wildcard cheers mate, let me know when you fire the git. ;)
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    @repollo I need a name... I'm shit at names... How about StuDev?
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    @wildcard damn that was fast. Im still working on naming 3 of my products which i made beta release 2 months ago...

    I love StuDev, yet if unsure:

    Look under the Naming stack...

    And you should probably think fast since look at this:
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    @repollo I like studev.io, but it's 80usd per year, and I'm just a poor little student lol
    Anyways, let me create the repo. What's your GitHub username, so I can add you?
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    @wildcard i just realized this app still dont have a direct message system, should i rant about this?...

    Anyhow i updated my profile, and still is the same username @repollo
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    @repollo I added you. Now, how do we start? How about a short hack.chat? Join https://hack.chat?studev if you want to
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