> Waiting for code to compile
> quickly pulls up dwarf fortress
> compliment for working so hard, my set-up looks difficult to use
> ...

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    Sry, that rant isn't greentext compatible
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    @Kimmax darnit!
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    @Kimmax you must mean meme arrows
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    @nixin no. Just no. Haha
    That's greentext, invented on /b/ on 4chan decades ago
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    You Must've not been on there long then ;) @Kimmax
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    @nixin greentext will never change for me
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    I mean, it's not endemic to 4chan, I've seen it used in other places
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    @Rakota I'm talking about the origin, which is 4chan as far as I know (although from a different board, /r9k/).
    "Due to 4chan’s lack of a built-in archival system, the original green text story is unknown. Previously archived threads on the now-defunct Chanarchive indicated that green text threads began appearing in early 2010, the earliest of which contained several stories sharing various awkward moments in the /r9k board posted on March 3rd, 2010."
    Of course it could be wrong, but im pretty sure that 4chan is the origin
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    @Kimmax it was from 4chan, then Tumblr or something took it and called it meme arrows, to which became a meme of its own
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