@dfox @trogus do you have any plans for adding chat with other plp around here or link to external portal profiles? I'd like to send a private message to one of them but I can't 😐

Btw I know it's hard to maintain something like that in a database since it takes much space but I wanted to ask anyway 😉

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    @dfox and @trogus Here you go.
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    @pranitjaiswal thanks forgot about that xd
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    @mrtnrdl so tell me how to connect with someone via slack if I can't even reach them? I would need to create a rant the tag that person which is not cool for me...
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    Stalk their GitHub and find out where they live.
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    @your-deadline we don't have DMs/chat planned quite yet, the best way for a private conversation would be to comment on one of their rants asking to connect through whatever communication channel makes sense for your level of anonymity
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    @trogus Speaking of that: does smoke signals work for you next Thursday at 03:56 UTC?

    On a more serious note, while I have no issue with chat/DM, I don't really see why it's needed on devRant either.
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    @Jilano I don't see that either. Devrant needs to focus on rants otherwise it is going to bloat. An option could be Devchat that connects to devprofile.
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    Since you already summoned @trogus maybe I could ask why you can't tag people directly in a rant instead of having to write a comment for it. I bet it has been asked before but I don't know and I'm curious. Is there a reason behind it or its just not implemented? :)
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    @Joserc87 the reasons are two-fold 1) we don't really want people treating the base rant as a DM 2) @dfox already gets tagged in a ton of comments, he doesn't want to get overrun with too many @ mentions if we reduce the barrier on rant mentioning.

    Personally, I'm on the fence about it, but @dfox gets tagged a hell of a lot more than me, so I'm cool with whatever makes his life easier and keeps him focused on building more cool shit for us
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    @trogus I can totally understand that. I was thinking in a general way, because sometimes I've seen people tagging each others. But it's true that most of the time they are tagging dfox or you. Although the user will always find a workaround, writing a comment to tag, it's a perfectly valid reason not to implement this.
    Now I know. Thanks! :)
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    @trogus I got a feature that adds. When you type @ and a letter you see a list off possible @'s
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    @Triskelion good idea, we've got that designed, just not built yet. Idea is typeahead is referencing people in that thread, horizontal list over top the char count and attach link bar until you select one or hit space
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    Looks like this
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    @trogus That looks good if there are more users you can scroll to right.
    The ones out side of the thread get put behind a | separator. Referencing users outside a thread, is get used alot.

    i dont know about typeahead though.
    typeahead Latest commit 588440f on Apr 27, 2015

    this could be a option it is still maintained
    and has good docs
    github: https://github.com/krisk/Fuse
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