Putting chatgpt to some good use. Writing a complaint mail to the idiots maintaining my banking app in the style of shakespare.

Hark thee, App Support Team,

With grave disquiet and vexation doth I write to thee concerning thy recent update of the application. As a software developer, the option to enable developer settings on mine own mobile device is of paramount importance for mine work. Yet thy latest update hath impeded mine access to mine own bank account until I disable this setting. Upon launching the app, it doth redirect me to a browser tab, where I am compelled to deactivate the developer setting to avail of thy services.

This conduct of thine is most unacceptable and unprofessional in mine eyes. It doth seem a transgression of privacy, for thy app doth dictate what settings I may or may not have on mine own personal phone. How canst thou deny me access to mine own bank account information merely on the grounds of having enabled developer options? How doth this option interfere with thy application, such that thou must needs coerce thy users to forsake their phone settings to utilize thy app?

I beseech thee to rectify this issue with all due haste, so that I may access mine own bank account without hindrance. If thou art incapable of doing so, then prithee, might thou recommend a more user-friendly banking application to which I may gladly switch?

With frustration and discontent at this time,
A locked-out person.

Backstory : So recently one of my banking app stopped working and forced me to update to their latest version. As soon as i opened the newer version , it shut down and redirected to my browser with a shitty html page with just one message : Disable developer options on your device to continue using our app. I was extremely frustated and couldnt understand what kind of idiots were maintaining this app.So i decided to write up an email hoping to find some solution for this.

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    What's the bank so can avoid?
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    Oh and your mother's maiden name and your first pet while you're at it 😘 💸
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    If you are indian, you will get it.

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    There is a dev manager somewhere that thinks dev options allow for hacking and are not safe to run with a banking app.
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    Ironic that once you're rooted, you can bypass all checks with xposed or frida
    So what's the point of even checking?
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    If this is actually wrote by chat gpt, I find it funny that it couldn't get the style of Shakespeare right.
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    @spongessuck did you expect it to understand and apply iambic pentameter?
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    There should be a vm for banking apps and others that assume special privileges to operate.
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    @qwwerty it would be impressive, but I guess I couldn't expect it, even though there's tons of source material it must have in its model.
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    Magisk/Xposed could hide it from even knowing but that letter is hilarious!
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    Is it HDFC? I remember seeing this error but totally forgot
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