Teacher in college:"Comment EVERYTHING"

Lead dev doing my pull request:"Why is there a comment in your commit!?"

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    git commit -m "comments are okay, just don't overload your code with them; be expressive with your code so you won't need then most of the time... and git allows messages to clarify commits which is also ok."
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    One of my controllers is 2.1k lines long.
    If I strip out blank lines and comments, it reduces to 434 lines.
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    Argh. One of the load devs that I worked with made me rewrite everything to a single point of exit. Might be good in practice, annoying if your method is short as it should be.
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    @bremen242 not all methods can be as short as you'd like, especially not without compromising readability. Which is rather the point of short, thin functions.
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