My first startup. I think we had about 5k usd in sales, in a 2 year period. Good stuff.

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    My first start up directors are contributing money from their pockets to pay workers am among the directors it’s a pain
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    I sold toys on ebay for 3 months and made $20 profit.
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    @cuddlyogre that's some good shit! Time to start a YouTube channel about your 6 sources of income. 😂😉
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    finding change left in soda machines

    tragically miscalculating running an ebay store

    very little interest in my savings account

    very little gains from my minimal stock market investments

    the Nielsen people sending me a dollar at a time
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    @cuddlyogre fantastic. I'd pay a monthly subscription to learn all of this and be a part of your MasterClass.
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    @iSwimInTheC its the pyramidization-of-everything.

    Can you feel it? The bottom slowly slipping out of civilization, as all the liquidity in the markets flees to upper management and hedge funds?

    Eventually we're all posting our fucking ebooks on our websites to mongrelize and consumerize every potential visitor into the organ grinder known as email lead lists, ahem "newsletters", to stay one step ahead, while supplementing the lackof "oxeygen' in the room by selling hand-crafted free-range gmo-free dildos on etsy and selling second hand clothing on ebay, stolen from homeless people to pay the property-taxes-increasingly-turning-into-rental-fees as we cut back on our $2 mcdonalds coffees because of 70 year olds on facebook misguidedly lead by memes into believing the problem with 'kids these days' is $15 starbucks (no one thats not trust fund actually buys that) and $20 cellphone bills instead of the average 1960s wage in 2023-terms being $20.25 an hour vs the $12.5 it is today.
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    Shit I shoulda posted that as a rant.
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