here comes few inspirational ( or depressing depending on the POV ) tracks :

Listen to Pegboard Nerds - Hero (feat. Elizaveta) [Infected Mushroom Remix] by InfectedMushroom on #SoundCloud

Listen to Merkaba - Epic Life by Lipaz Saar on #SoundCloud

Listen to Balduin & Wolfgang Lohr feat. J Fitz - Magic Man by Wolfgang Lohr on #SoundCloud

Listen to Patrick Haize & Momentology - Souls Recognition by Momentology on #SoundCloud

and another just cool :

Listen to Merkaba - Mental Monkey Bars by Sell .. on #SoundCloud

enjoy ( or not ) either way enjoy the sunny day or moony night ( if u have such @ ur loc ) =]

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    ++ if you didn't listen
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    @electrineer too late. they r either in trance state now or rethinking their life which is a trance state by itself ;p
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    @bigmonsterlover sounds interesting, but currently I'm at a place where we listen 'novelists - echoes' and similar and similar. at the moment Type'o'negative so I can't really appreciate it. will check it later :)
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    @bigmonsterlover the first is kind of drilling in my mind... too inharmonic 4 me. deff won't stand it much on repeat, the other is ok ;]
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    I see, you also like electroswing - so here is Lone Digger just in case you missed it: https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    @Oktokolo groovy... and the animation is ...cute?
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    @We3D Not sure whether it's cute, but it's a pretty good and dramatic music video.

    Caravan Palace in general is one of those where the video really adds to the first-time experience. Don't click the teasers or the audio-only versions. Go for the official music video versions.
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