Since every piece of software is developed by us, I sincerely request everyone to keep dark themes as the default theme.

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    Smart move
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    The app I am currently working on only has a dark theme.
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    @jobylie smart move. The people who might be interested in different themes are usually turned dumb to change it and those who can change it (we) only do so if it's light by default.
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    @DjWawa i wouldn't say that, it really isn't that difficult to change that. However, I just don't see why you would need a light theme in the app
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    Pretty sure any client I would make this suggestion to wouldn't let me make another UI decision for the rest of the project.
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    i tried to keep dark theme as default, but my bosses ask me to keep the light as default :/
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    I can totally back this
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    And make the cursor not blink by default or at least make optional!
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