In the meeting with a client
PM will be like.->

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    Less 😑
    More 🗞
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    Client: Does it have feature XYZ?

    Sales: It doesnt have that now, but it can easily be implemented

    Client: How long?

    Sales (Without thinking): Just a few days...we could also include feature...

    Me (Thinking to myself): STOP. FUCKING. TALKING.
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    Yep. Like literally Stop Fucking dribbling shit you ignorant fucking skid mark on the underwear of society before I stab you in the neck with your pen so you can't fucking talk anymore!!
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    @Ashkin hah firstly I thought it's not money but thing for pepper and salt . Like less being quiet and more being salty and peppery :)
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    @freshlyfe It's a rolled up newspaper!
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