My wife opens a document, writes her entire paper and uses the close ❌ button to save it.

I think I married an adrenaline junkie.

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    I too like to live life on the edge...

    I code with a light theme activated.
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    So impressive...!! Just reading that made me clench my butthole.
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    90% chance she is using something like Word. So that's auto saving I guess.
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    @sgoel01 she is using Word. And if it crashes, I can just recover the temp file. Or (depending on the version) Word will save it for her.

    Nevertheless, I was surprised by the confidence 😮
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    Never laught so Hard.
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    Your rant is almost copied by your tags.
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    You animal!
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    @Divisionbyzero it raises the tf.idf of the rant, won't you agree?
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    Your wife is right. Nowadays a software doesn't provide autosave feature sucks a lot.
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    if it were notepad, it gives you a warning. hitting enter is like pressing :x
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    Bet she doesn't safely eject usb's too like a bad ass!
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