Many years ago, a teacher I had told me, "that oop is a passing fad", and today man still thinks that the structural is superior, and so he continues to teach ......

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    Well, he's not completely wrong.

    OOP is a paradigm, a design pattern. It's applicable anywhere, but it shouldn't be applied everywhere.

    OOP is based on what stuff IS, rather than what it DOES.

    We often actually need actor-based functionality, based on what the actor does.

    JavaScript's prototype paradigm allows focusing on what stuff DOES, and it's working out great. JavaScript does not even have OOP.

    PHP has OOP, and it also has the ability to focus on what stuff DOES, rather than what stuff IS, thanks to traits.

    C# has this as well, but at a much lesser extent, using extension methods.

    But the idea is that not everything should be viewed through the eyes of OOP.
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    @apisarenco I agree, but from there to drop the pearl of "oop has the days counted, and that would be a bubble" jejejej
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    @rantalicious @rantalicious jajaja@rantalicious Hahaha, was aware all those years, which is the worst, and that Clipper language was the best that he had invented, but hey, this guru has already retired ....
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