Technical meeting

We were at technical meeting a while ago, they discussed our infrastructure implementation, all was good.

Then some motherfucker of our technicians, suggested that we should move to bitbucket, I fought fiercely to don't even think about leaving bitbucket.

Suddenly the cock swallowers bosses agreed to bitbucket, they submit their changes.

10 min after the meeting i broke into the biggest boss room, gave him my resignation letter, I just told him, signing your acceptance to move to bitbucket, you should sign this too.

Boom, assholes.
I'm free now.

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    Question, why not use bitbucket?
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    @g-m-f @paulwillyjean
    Good question, I'm not hater of any thing, if i was on bitbucket from the beginning It's totally fine.
    But it's about investing time in unnecessary tasks.
    You have more than 30 repo should be moved, and hey what about your contributers, will you send them a message and told come on guys go all to bitbucket.

    When you rely on community and contributers it would be stupidity to choose any vcs except than github.
    Why? Because it's simply widely spread, i tell a dev give me your github account he reply with it.
    When I tell him gimme your bitbucket account, he will respond with, mhm Arghhh ufff 🤢😖, Ok wait I will make an account first.
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    Aargh. Thats bad man. Good luck
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