So following from this rant:

Warning long rant ahead

I resigned and my last day is tomorrow, I've released the app updates a week ago, patched a couple bugs for iOS.

My boss and the idiot who can't open an email on his phone go off to use the app as part of some training thing for the company.

I got a call yesterday saying the Android app has issues and I proceeded to ask my boss what type of phone they have:

"Samsung and Huawei"

I thought okay I need more info "what type of phone..." He responds with wouldn't have a clue....

I can't see the phone, didn't get a screenshot or anything like that but I'm expected to just know what the phone is.

My boss goes on to say yeah it's the app (he is literally the most computer illiterate person I could think of aside from guy who can't open emails on phone, how the fuck do you know that?)

Me: "From all the testing I've done the app works"

Look if you want a more robust error free update hire more than one developer I can't test every single fucking use case to determine the app is 100% bug free, I've tested on at least 10 phones before releasing the update just to be absolutely sure I got everything done and okay I missed something.

So I proceed to get my boss to tell the guy who has the issue I'll sign him up to the testing app to find out the cause and hopefully fix the issue, I setup crashlytics send the email and get a call from my boss saying the guy didn't get the email.

Well okay is it my problem that we have two emails for the same person where one of them is a typo? No it's the guy who asked and wrote down the email instead of actually forwarding a blank email from him to be absolutely sure, I sent the email to both just to be on the safe side.

I swear if he is another idiot who can't open emails on his phone well I can't help him, app works on my phone and the phones at work.

I need a phone where it doesn't work so I can get a solution I know works but if I have to deal with these idiots that can't even check an email how the fuck do I do that?

Sorry about the formatting just needed to get this off my chest before I start work.

Oh and I get asked "so who'll fix the bugs when you're gone" well I can't (in reality I'm not working for free, I'm not traveling 1 1/2 commute time to fix one bug for free, go hire someone you think will love to work for minimum wage and let's see if this guy can do what I did)

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    @g-m-f yup, I do want to fix this bug for sure but if there are other bugs after I leave , fine pay me and I'll fix the issue from my PC at home. Can't fix iOS issues though don't have a Mac.

    @ClemFrieckie yeah I was expecting to just clean up the work Mac, I don't want any of my stuff on it, and then on Friday clean my desk and throw all the papers away (made digital documentation so there's no need to read my notes) but I guess not
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    So I had to follow up with the guy that used the app on the Huawei phone (p8 btw) I had to call a guy to get the phone users number, I was told sure I'll text the number, still waiting.

    I asked about the Samsung user I called him and he doesn't answer the phone.

    I can't get the app to crash on any phone available to me to find an actual fix.

    It's like I'm not supposed to fix this bug or something :/

    Btw the crash happens when I use simpledateformat and calendar to get a time stamp for a PDF that I generate, I don't exactly know what alternatives I have but I've tried just taking it out of the method that creates the PDF but have yet to find a phone it actually crashes on to test it :/

    An end all solution would be take the time stamp out but it's needed for the PDF :/
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    Whos gonna do your job when you leave?

    Fucking not me, obviously.

    How the fuck do idiots get into position of power?
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    @juniordev lol actually my friend asked me that question he works there but yeah not me, just can't wait to work full time on my game (despite being jobless).

    But if they want someone to fix it, sure I'll do it for twice my original wages LOL
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    I read your other post. And by the sounds of things I wouldn't even want to do it for double the pay haha.

    Good man, focus and what you really want.
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    @juniordev yup but if it's the Android app and anything I made I'd be able to fix it within a couple hours to within a week at most, I don't mind working with my own code lol but the backend yeah fuck that.

    Thanks for the support! I'm working on two games atm, an Android game and a VR game (hopefully normal PC support as well), going to make demos for both I'll post them on devRant for sure!
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    @f03n1x I wish I had an idea for a game, let alone how to make one haha.

    I got a couple of ideas for web apps but I am a master procrastinator which means without a deadline I never had to get started right ;)

    I should set some deadlines.
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    @juniordev hah yeah same problem with procrastinating but being at this company I've learnt to somehow avoid it lol, which hopefully I take away and use when developing this game.

    Oh and for game development it isn't that hard just pick up unity and a good tutorial and you're set to at least make something simple and just build up from that, that's what I did and still doing.

    For ideas I just take something I liked from one game or something I'd like but wanted to expand on it. For instance the one thing I enjoyed from an MMO (blacksmithing and it's minigame) I've never seen in any other MMO or any actual game, it's more you just add materials and it's done.

    The minigames for the mmo was revolved around hitting the right spots within a time limit to produce the best result (still took into account a lot of other variables but that was the most fun aspect) the game I'm making is going to have a more expanded blacksmithing mechanic because it's something I absolutely love lol
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