Admin comes to my desk and says:
"Hey the CEO wants to know why is the third party application having issues with our system? He wants you to keep me posted on the matter and let us know when will you fix it."
"Well I'm working on it, we're having a discussion on Slack about it and I'm quite busy right now"
Admin: "Yeah OK but when will you fix it? The CEO wants to know why didn't you reply yesterday"
Me: "Because I was on leave? You would have known if you saw my calendar"
Admin: "oh well, can you keep me updated with how things go?"
Me: "You can join the Slack channel if you want..."

What the f*CK is wrong with people? Do they even know what vacation time means? Why would the CEO ask the admin to talk to me when I'm sitting two rows from him?

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    Sounds like this guy is just trying to flex/push you around. Change your answers to 1-3 words maximum and add a 2 second pause before each response. You have to stare him clean in the eyes. If you have scissors put them in your hand whilst you respond.

    Tell him you'll fix it when dickheads stop asking you questions about when you will fix.

    Arrogant knob-jockies everywhere.

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    And don't forget a deep, dramatic sigh before every answer and occasionally change it up with a tired-of-your-shit, patronising, no-response face and just stare at them until they say something.
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    Alternatively when he asks you the question blank him, and shout your answer right past him straight at the CEO.
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