Watching Netflix alone when gf asks if she can join, or preferrably inner join.

I love this girl to death 😍

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    If she asks to outer join, you know you're in trouble.
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    @tbodt unless you're into that kind of thing.
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    @RakNoel you got it made mate.
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    @kunashe id say i love her to bits 😍
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    I don't get it. Can someone please dumb it down for me?
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    @notSoSerious INNER JOIN is a sql statement between two tables, only returning tuples that are in both tables, and both tables only.

    OUTER JOIN is a statement that returns the inner join tuples, but also returns tuples that aren't attached to any other tuple in the other table (of both sides)

    And then there is LEFT / RIGHT JOIN which does the same as OUTER JOIN but only returns non-attached tuples of one table instead of both
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    Let's hope your inner join yields no results 😓😝
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