I might sound stupid, but why don't solo-developers use things like dropbox for active file history that keeps track of every change and also gives diff options and up to 1 year log - instead of git?

Don't get me wrong, git is amazing when you have to work with a team or multiple people in general, but it's simply a pain in the ass when working alone and having to keep track of every state yourself.

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    In the 90's and early 2000's I worked on some projects that weren't using proper source code control tools and even with diffing tools there were times when things were hairy.

    Personally I'd always want to use a proper tool for the job, and for me these days that's git. Even when working alone. Sometimes these projects expand, even personal ones.
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    I use Git alone and it's helped not only for the tools, but there was a time I was too overloaded with work and I was able to bring another dev in to help just by adding her to the repo. She had access to the log, branching, and the tools right off the bat.

    It's like programming in general- take advantage of the tools we have and plan for the future.
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    Because not using git means admitting that no one else will ever look at your project
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    I use git for like everything:
    • Coding projects
    • Recipes
    • Notes
    • ...
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    git isn't rocket science you can learn it easily by practice 😀
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    @dhanvi I know the advanced git basics from having worked together in a team. I just can't imagine myself keeping track of all the fast changes in my personal projects and constantly having the terminal or git-gui open, it only slows me down and prevents me from actual fast prototyping. (personally)
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