Legacy code huh?
Well i'd say it would be when i was workng on an old java app that was apparently written by a retard.

He had used strings to represent booleans for no apparent reason. As if that wasn't bad enough he would use different strings too:
Y N true false 1 0

He used them randomly too , y and 0
N and true

I sense it was done on purpose
Perhaps he knew he was leaving soon

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    I wonder if that was the guy I once interviewed who swore blind the only way to represent a negative number was via double. I had to teach him about signed and unsigned integers. He didn't get the job.
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    Haha i dont think so

    The guy actually wrote good code throughout the rest of the project.

    Either he got lobotomised mid project and lost some iQ or he did it on purpose 😂
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