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    This is totally logical if you're counting seconds. If you wanna count 10 seconds, start at 1 and end at 10, you're only gonna count 9 seconds.
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    @puppetmupp I just wanted to say the same thing.
    If I tell people that this is the proper way to count seconds they dont believe me. Even when I give the example of counting 2 seconds from 1 to 2.
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    I now think like a computer 😂
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    @puppetmupp @Lensflare Well if you take one second to count one second better start from one; One Mississippi, Tow Mississippi....
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    @dregorox As long as you stop counting ten seconds after "Eleven Mississippi" you'll be alright. :P
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    You learn that numbers start at 0 in the army... Doing push ups
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